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Touching The Earth Lightly.

Earth Friendly.

Unlike  some trekking companies whose commitment to sustainable practices is half hearted or just plain ‘greenwash’, Pyrenees Mountain Adventure is earth and people friendly and strives to choose the minimum impact option, in every area of the business, always!

All staff that lead groups encourage the preservation of the unspoilt nature we journey through leading by example and following the principles of Minimum Impact Trekking.
Touch the earth lighly - take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Minimum Impact Trekking.

  • Keep to established trails to avoid spreading erosion.

  • Do not remove fauna or flora - leave what you find.

  • Do not alter the natural surroundings of an ecosystem eg minimise the use and impact of campfires.

  • Follow the law of pack it in, pack it out regarding rubbish. Do not leave rubbish in the mountains:


  • Take one piece of rubbish home that is not your own.

  • Dispose of human waste properly.

  • Limit the size of a group entering an ecosystem.

  • Use existing campsites.

  • Respect wildlife - – enjoy it from a distance.

  • it is not often biodegradable

  • it is always unsightly

  • it can cause great harm to wildlife

  • it may take years to biodegrade especially in mountain environments

However, the commitment of the business to sustainability runs deeper. In fact it is a core principle, not an ‘add on’. Pyrenees Mountain Adventure is a business with a strong commitment to sustainability. The business promotes and inspires change for a better world by giving clients the chance to experience and reflect on the importance of conservation and a slower, simpler, more sustainable and ultimately happier lifestyle.

Pyrenees Mountain Adventure also promotes and inspires change for a better world through the example it sets. It is committed to corporate social responsibility. The environmental and social impact of each operating decision the business is faced with (accommodation, transport, banking, tour guides clothing, office stationary, recycling etc) is considered and the option that is the most sustainable and responsible is chosen to reduce the ecological footprint of the business

Touch the earth lighly - take only photographs, leave only footprints....

"The business of business should not just be about money, it should be about responsibility."
Anita Roddick

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