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You can tell outdoor clothing companies that are committed to sustainability and serious in their efforts to reduce the environmental footprint they have. They produce a durable product, make use of recycled materials and will only use organic cotton for example. They will have a named person in charge of something like Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability and will have a mission statement which includes measurable targets to achieve. They will produce an annual report on their progress in achieving these targets.

Patagonia comes to mind as a pioneer in this area, as a market leader setting sustainability standards.


Patagonia Leading the Way.

 Environmentally Friendly Adventure Kit

Video from Patagonia.

Fjällräven ( the name means artic fox)  is a Swedish company, specialising in outdoor equipment. In 2013 they launched The Fjällräven Way, a document that acts as a guide for their sustainability work. It contains four areas of activity linked to the cardinal points of the compass - the universal tool for way-finding.

N stands for Nature & Environment
E for Economy & Business Processes
S for Social Responsibility
W for Wellbeing.

"Our goal is a healthier outdoor life, now and for future generations."  Aiko Bode, Fjällräven's Chief Sustainability Officer..

Video from Fjâllraven.

Other Environmentally Friendly Adventure Kit
  • La Sportiva. Walking boots. Produced in Italy. Company is holder of ISO 14001.

  • Grivel. Ice axes and crampons. Produced in Italy. Company is holder of ISO 14001.

  • Portable chemical free toilet. A simple, hygienic and user friendly system.       

  • Firewok. Fire base. Enjoy the beauty of a fire without burning the ground.

  • Trail Designs. Caldera Cone. Meths stove, so no empty gas canister into landfill. Light. Quiet.

  • Casio. Solar powered watch

Alternative Technology
  • Centre For Alternative Technology             

  • Terre Vivante

  • Orri de Planes

  • Chalet Anna

  • Nature Centre Les Planes de Son

  • Angel Orus Mountain Hut

  • Huttopia

  • SNCF. The government owned French rail network.

  • The Man In Seat 61. Tells you how to travel overland where you might think that air was now the only option.

  • Eurostar. London to Europe by Train.

  • Rail Europe. European rail travel for uk residents including Eurostar.

Wilderness Matters
  • The Spirit of Adventure

  • BMC Green Guide to the Uplands PDF

Pressure Groups
  • Mountain Wilderness France

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