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Why The Pyrenees?
Ariege Regional Nature Park.

Another of my favourite parts of the Pyrenees, the Ariege Regional Nature Park is in the Ariege département. It has some of the wildest, least spoilt, authentic mountain scenery in the whole Pyrenees. The area in the Pyrenees where it is easiest to get off the beaten track and away from the crowds. The weather is less dry but the landscape greener and lusher as a result. There are some spectacularly located mountain refuges for hut to hut trekking and the area is perfect for wild camping.

Want to discover the area yourself? Try the PMA holiday The Chemin de la Liberté/Freedom Trail.


Andorra is a tiny (468 square km/181 square miles) country located between France and Spain in the Eastern Pyrenees. With 70 mountains over 2000m and 70 lakes the scenery is spectacular.  The country offers a range of walks to suit all abilities, levels of experience and areas of interest. Flower rich mountain pastures, rugged peaks, sparkling lakes and airy ridges. Want to discover the area yourself? Try the PMA holidays  Andorra 5 Peaks and Across Andorra 5 Peaks.

Top 10 Guidebooks to the Pyrenees.

All the major guidebooks to the Pyrenees will have sections on the Eastern part of the chain.

Here is a link to the Pyrenees Mountain Adventure blog and an entry on The Top 10 Pyrenees Guide Books.

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