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Guiding By Example.

Summer Adventures in the Eastern Pyrenees.

Pyrenees Mountain Adventures offers a range of summer walking and trekking packages. Some offer a variety of different types of accommodation to choose from. If you like the brief description and the photos below then please click on the relevent trip dossier PDF for more detailed information.​ If you like what you see in the trip dossier then you can move onto researching travel options to the Eastern Pyrenees. Once you have found your preferred travel option, you can start the booking process.


If you like some of what is on offer with a particular package but want to change other elements, or want to add something that is missing,  then please do not hesitate to contact me. Pyrenees Mountain Adventure prides itself on its flexibility and customer satisfaction. From your 'wish list' of elements I can design and deliver the Pyrenees mountain adventure that is perfect for you and your group.

In The Footsteps.

Colin Mortlock is the adventurer and author who started the Spirit of Adventure Foundation. He loves the Pyrenees and has explored the chain extensively, making long back packing treks, seeking out the quieter areas, travelling off the  beaten track and wild camping. 


Annette his wife would often accompany him on his adventures and because she kept a diary we have a record of their travels . Walk in their footsteps with extracts from the diary.


Basic trek along part of one of Colin's routes would be 5 or 6 days.


Contact me for more information

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