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Adventure, Discover, Respect.

Trekking In The Pyrenees.

WW2 Escape Lines. Lakes and Summits. Wildlife and Flowers. Multi Day Refuge to Refuge Treks.


Escape and Evasion Line Specialist.

The Pyrenees are a mountain chain that separates France from Spain. To evade from Nazi occupied Europe into neutral Spain during World War 2 meant crossing these mountains. They represented both a physical barrier blocking the way but also a gateway to freedom. Come and follow in the footsteps of those that made the crossing and experience what it was like. Learn about who made the crossing and why and about the people that made the crossings possible. You can choose one of the better known Escape and Evasion lines like the Chemin de la Liberté/Freedom Trail as seen on the Channel 4 series 'Freedom Trails' with Monty Halls, or perhaps you have the Escape and Evasion report of a family member and want to retrace their actual footsteps across the Pyrenees.


A guided mountain walking holiday with a difference.
Although it may be challenging at times, there will also be fun and enjoyment and you will leave the Pyrenees with some wonderful memories having learnt a great deal. There is an enormous feeling of pride and satisfaction on reaching Spain having crossed over the Pyrenees.

Pyrenees Mountain Adventure believes that through the adventure of walking along the route of an Escape and Evasion line, that pushes you out of your comfort zone, comes discovery.

Discovery about yourself, those you are adventuring with and those that walked to freedom during World War 2 and those that risked their lives to help them. Leading on from discovery comes respect.

Self respect, respect for your trekking companions and ultimately respect for the escapers, evaders and the brave men and women of the Escape and Evasion networks.


Excellent Customer Care.

Pyrenees Mountain Adventure is a proudly independent trekking company. Because we are small and flexible, we are able to offer excellent customer care. From your initial enquiries, through planning and preparation of the your dream itinerary to your actual holiday experience, the Pyrenees Mountain Adventure team is working hard alongside you to give you your perfect Pyrenees mountain adventure. Check out the feedback from clients who have already enjoyed walks and treks in the Pyrenees with Pyrenees Mountain Adventure.​ We look forward to seeing you in the Pyrenees soon!

Bespoke trek planning service.

After 10 years of experience, Pyrenees Mountain Adventure has built up an extensive knowledge of the Pyrenees and WW2 Escape and Evasion lines from France into Spain, and France into Andorra. With this knowledge and experience, the PMA team are able to design and deliver a walking holiday that follows in the actual footsteps of your relative(s). A living memorial to your loved one(s). For Allied airmen, the starting point is the information contained in the Escape and Evasion report compiled by the intelligence services during an interview with the airman after successfully completing a 'Home Run'. If you want to explore the possibility of walking in the actual footsteps of your relative(s) then please Contact us....


Earth Friendly.
Walking is the ideal way to enjoy and discover the outdoors while causing the minimum harm to the natural environment and Pyrenees Mountain Adventure operates with strong commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. PMA, uses eco-friendly accommodation, follows Minimum Impact Trekking principles and offers a £100 Greener Travel Cashback to encourage clients to use more environment friendly modes of transport to journey to the Pyrenees. Read more.....

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